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There’s So Much in Store. Shop From our website and Earn Reward Points and redeem it from your next purchasing.

How to get Reward Point's:-

1) Sign Up by Clicking login or Member's Area Button on Menu. 

2) Fill All the details as asked in the signup form Approval Request Received from Administrator.

3) Wait For Approval. After Approval Login with your email id and Password.

4) Now start purchasing you will get reward points as per your purchasing amount.

5) Customer get 1 Points when he/she spend Rs. 1 on any purchase. Example if anyone purchase Rs. 500 Products then he will get 500 Points.

6) 100 Points is equal to Rs. 1 Redemption in next purchasing with using given coupon code. Example if anyone get 500 points it means he/she will get Rs. 5 discount on next purchasing of product. with using given code which he/she get from their previous purchase Redemption. For more Information Click on Earn Reward Button which appears at left side.

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What’s New at Hardukaan

At Hardukaan we’ll go out of our way to offer an outstanding and affordable selection of goods. In the digital age, where great products are only a click away, we believe that curating the right collection takes expertise and dedication. Check out our latest arrivals and get in touch if you need more information.